July 10, 2013

To Know, to Will, to Dare and to Keep Silent.... What's more important?

To Know, to Will, to Dare and to Keep Silent... Probably one of the most important pieces of our workings, but which is truly the most important part?

Is it to Know? To know that what we intend will come to us and that we know  our abilities? To Dare? To dare step out of our comfort zones to dare the universe to comply? To Will? To understand that we have the ability to will what we need to come to us?  To Keep Silent? What does this mean? To Be quiet about our workings? Our intentions? Our power?

What do you think is most important? I have my ideas but would love to hear yours!

Bright Blessings!


January 30, 2013

Come visit me in February!

So it's been just about a year since I started taking my products to fairs, expos and shows and it's really been great.  BodyLab's Holistic Healing & Psychic Fair was the second show I did and the upcoming fair on February 9th will make the 3rd BodyLabs fair I've attended and have been a vendor at.  Tami and her staff put on a great expo!  If you are looking for a quality reading or great products, BodyLabs are the shows to go to!

I'll be bringing some new and different things to this expo - more hand-crafted jewelry and pretty pendulums, a few new styles of shirts that will appeal more to the spiritual and psychic crowd and a nice variety of recycled sweater wear.  I'm bringing the very popular armwarmers, but also adding some scarves and headbands.  I'm very excited to have a nice variety of new items.

I hope you'll stop by if you're close and say hello!

~ Chris